Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Voted Today

I turned in my OR vote by mail ballot today. Sometimes I turn it in days after receiving it sometimes on Election Day - for no special reason. Voting here is easy to do and was easy choices this time. I won't talk about the loca races or initiatives but it was easy to vote for Sen Wyden (D) and even easier to vote agains Rep Greg Walden (R-OR02) and Dudley (R) for Gov. It isn't as though John Kitzhaber (D) former Gov and running for it again has shown a lot of interest in E OR but he's running against a know-nothing same old (R).

It's pretty much the same across the nation, but it looks as though stupid same old crap or crazy wing crap are the beneficiaries of vote against. Damn, I'd like to talk about how special Democrats have been these last two years, but that'd be ... well, difficult. It isn't as though they haven't gotten things done, but somehow they managed to do it while pissing off people on both sides and not even pleasing the so-called middle. You'd think that would require real effort.

I won't make predictions about Election Day outcomes other than that whatever majorities (D)s have had will be much smaller. It was a bit tempting to just sit back and not vote to let crazy have its run and maybe finally teach this country a lesson. But no, that isn't in my nature - for some reason I keep believing (an emotional response) that people will get it, eventually without too much suffering. Thinking might easily lead me a different direction, so we'll let that go.

Announcing that this blog is probably done resulted in more comments on one article than a month's worth have gotten. I'm not that much concerned that a dozen or fifty or a thousand read this thing, but I don't like talking to myself. I have no idea if I'm just a crazy guy yelling or if people agree or not and can expand on my thoughts. This election has stirred a lot of things up and I'm not the only one around with feelings and thoughts on it and I'm curious. I'm always curious and some have stated that they'd have commented if they'd known it mattered. As a vanity project this thing can just go away and this is as good a post to say "Good-night."


Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck,
Democrats have been so special, that in most of the country they have been thrown out. Funny, but I guess you and your "special" Deemocrats have your brains stuck on partisan.
Thanks to our special president we're in a world of hurt.
How is that hope and change working out for you.

Leftards suffer from tunnel vision, they have their head up their.....

Chuck Butcher said...

I see by the Anon identity that you have the courage of your convictions. I'm so impressed.

Next you'll tell me what a tough guy you are.......

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck,
It isn't often that I agree with you...But today is a special day.
Yeah, I'm a tough guy. The fact that I sit here and read your dribble makes me one tough hombre.
The problem with progressives is their incredible lack of imagination. They can't see beyond their small circle of friends --their bubble as it were.
Just look what progressives have done to once great states, Ohio, California, Massachussets, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut; just to name a few. They are slowly dying.
Yet, lefties clamor for more of the same.
Use your head Chuck!!! Analyze the situation. Neither Deemocrats or Repugs have the answer -at least not the so called educated elite.
I know, I know. You are incapable of introspection. You, like most Progressives have tunnel vision -- you know, their head up their....

Chuck Butcher said...

The wreckage of those states has spit to do with liberal or leftist policies and every damn thing to do with corporatist and plutocratic policies. I won't disagree that both parties are in the pockets of both elements, it comes down to a matter of degree. As for liberals' heads, I never claimed to be such an animal so I'm underimpressed with your insult.

Zak Johnson said...

Got to love the anonymous posters. I don't know that your blogging is "done" as much as the whole Web 2.0 thing is done. Facebook was briefly different, but I've quit it all at this point since it's the same two conversations happening past each other everywhere you go on the internet: apparently liberals of any sort are all communists dedicated to eradication and appropriation of all private property and promoting vast conspiracies called "science" designed to undermine both capitalism and Christian morality with things like climate studies and DNA. As for conservatives, they all repeat "individualism" as a mindless mantra while parroting the chorus provided to them by Murdoch & Co. all the while trying to find ways to re institute slavery, privatize all public works, and print new money with Jesus' face on the $5. It's pretty demoralizing. I've decided to go hiking and clean up trash at the beach. Perhaps I'm a quitter for the first or a communist for the second, but I'm done listening to hornets who are only looking for a fight. Time to get away from the Internet and back to a way of living that marries emotion with genuine action. As for cyberspace, well, screw this place.

Anonymous said...

"As for liberals' heads, I never claimed to be such an animal so I'm underimpressed with your insult."

C'Mon Chuck, that was no insult. It was meant as a compliment. The moment a Progressive's head is exposed to daylight it just explodes. You know, extreme case of cognitive dissonance.
Progressives are a just walking contradictions at best, group-think and many more a cliche at worst.
In the final analysis, the progressive policies of the last fifty years have doomed the have- nots -to mention but one group.
Social engineering gone awry as it were. It takes little brain power to weigh in what Progressives have wrought.

Chuck, you are a smart man. Get out of your bubble, meet other people. Throw your ideas to more than your friends -they're bound to agree with you any way.

Get out, meet Conservatives and Libertarians and listen to what they have to say.
You might even learn something!!!