Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Prez Sez

The Washington Post carried an article about GWB saying we are safer. Now I'm going to quote the end of the last line:

" extremist group of folks bound together by an ideology, willing to use terror to achieve their objectives."

Sound like anyone we know? Nearby?

Let's do a little defining and move on. Let's just suppose that the objectives are, gasp, achieving and maintaining political power - fairly common amongst terrorists.

Webster's 9th Collegiate says " terror ... 1 : a state of intense fear "

This is the most secretive administration in history, think about it, WWII, atom bombs, McCarthyism, this is the most secretive. Secrets are the antithesis to an informed involved populous, the "deciders" if you will.

Terror level alerts have gone up before each election since 9/11. The Republican and Administration mantra is we're strongest on terror so you'll be safer. 'you are scared now, aren't you?'

Iraq and Al Queda are linked - denied by the CIA and Saddam Hussein's own papers. You are safer because we're fighting them there - terror acts world wide have skyrocketed since the invasion.

Opponents of the Iraq War are the friends of terrorists - see above

A wartime President has extraordinary powers - Congress declares war, not GWB

The Bill of Rights can be suspended in wartime - what war? The 1st Ammendment is being whittled at, the 4th Ammendment has become virtually meaningless. The 5th and 6th Ammendments are being abused almost beyond belief, in full view of the public and in secret.

I'd say our homegrown, elected terrorists have moved very far foward with their objectives, people are scared, power is accrued to them, the people abjectly surrender their rights, and...

There are a couple ways to deal with situations like this, voting the rat bastards out is simplest and least wasteful...

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